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What’s New? Independent museum visit experience at Kazerne Dossin

What’s New? Independent museum visit experience at Kazerne Dossin

What can disinformation lead to? And how can we arm ourselves against it?

The interactive What’s New app, gives pupils aged between 15 and 18 the opportunity to discover the impact of misleading information. Working in small groups, they investigate the role propaganda and conspiracy theories play in spreading hatred. They discover how these mechanisms played a part in the realisation of a genocide of unimaginable proportions. More than 25,000 people were deported to Auschwitz from Kazerne Dossin (Dossin military base) alone during the Second World War.

Historic perspectives, narratives and examples as well as current forms of deception are covered. In fact, there’s nothing new under the sun in this respect.

By using their personal smartphone pupils see the past and present merge at an authentic location. During this journey they are given tips to help them expose propaganda and hate speech, so that they realise the importance of adopting a critical approach to information.

This experience has been set up with support from the King Baudouin Foundation in collaboration with Mediawijs. We would like to express our gratitude to the Heritage App.


  • Independent museum visit experience at Kazerne Dossin without a guide. The app can be installed in advance and does not consume any data on pupils’ phones.
  • Duration & price: more info coming soon
  • Booking necessary, and soon to be available. Maximum 2 classes per hour, with a class starting every half hour (later starters will visit the memorial first)
  • Preparation and follow-up soon available. This experience will be supplemented by a lesson on conspiracy theories by Mediawijs.