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We value your privacy. Although most information on this site is available without the need to provide personal data, it is possible that the user may be asked for personal information.

We only collect and process information that you give us yourself by:

  • Filling in a form on our site
  • Emailing or telephoning us
  • Or contacting us in any other way
  • That way we have your email address and name


Through our online form you can participate in the ‘Boxes in your mind’ test. You can indicate if you wish to receive more information about the test and the set-up of the exhibition #FakeImages. You can also subscribe to the Kazerne Dossin newsletter.

This is the purpose for which we use your data. We may also contact you to conduct a customer satisfaction survey or to provide you with information about additional or related products and services.

We may contact you by mail, post or telephone. Prefer not to be contacted? Then please read the section “your rights”.

There are also things that we explicitly do not do: we never pass on your data to other organisations. We only use the information internally. In very exceptional situations, a law or court ruling forces us to pass on information. This is the case for every company.

For certain activities we use third-party tools, such as Google Analytics. These are not ‘third party recipients’ but processors.

We do not keep the data any longer than necessary for the purposes we have just described.


The law requires us to implement the necessary security measures. In this way, we prevent the loss, unlawful use or alteration of personal data.

Of course, if you have any questions about this privacy policy, please feel free to e-mail or call us.


For the purposes of privacy law, you are a ‘data subject’. And every data subject has the following rights.

  1. Access: Would you like to know what we store about you? Just give us a call and we will give you access.
  2. Correction: do we have wrong information about you? A mistake in your address? In your name? Something else? You have the right to correct your data (you can do this in every mailing by clicking on ‘change your preferences’) or have it corrected.
  3. Opposition: You want to remain in our database, but you do not want us to contact you? Tell us. We will adjust your contact preferences.
  4. Right to limit processing to mere ‘storage’: this is very similar to the previous point. What is the difference? At point 3, we will no longer contact you, but we may still process your data (e.g. for analysis). If you invoke this 4th right, we can only store your data (and not use it).
  5. Right to be forgotten: do you want to be completely erased from our database? And not just limit the processing and contact options (rights 3 and 4). Then you should make use of this right. We will then delete you from our database. Please note that this is not always the best option: if you are a customer with us, you probably find it useful that we know your details. This forget-about option also sometimes creates strange situations: you can later re-enter the database, but since we had to delete you altogether, we cannot remember that you asked us to be deleted. It is better to use right 3: Opposition.
  6. Right to oppose ‘profiling’ or automated processing of personal data. To be clear: we do not use profiling. If we did, you have the right to ask us not to do that to you or to give you the chance to discuss the effect of that profiling with a real employee.
  7. Data transfer: you may ask us to transfer the data you have given us to you (so that you can share it with someone else). This concerns the data you gave us yourself (for example, by filling in a contact form).

Would you like to invoke one of the above rights? Please let us know.


We try to comply 100% with the law in our privacy policy. Do you nevertheless have a complaint? Please let us know at

You can also report this to the privacy commission.


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