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Book #FakeImages as a travelling exhibition

Book #FakeImages as a travelling exhibition


The exhibition #FakeImages focuses on the evolution of antisemitic images over time. Kazerne Dossin selected pieces from the extensive collection of Arthur Langerman, a Belgian survivor of the Holocaust. His collection is managed by the Arthur Langerman Archive for the Study of Visual Antisemitism (ALAVA) at the Center for Research on Antisemitism at the Berlin Technical University. For the exhibition in Kazerne Dossin, originals from the ALAVA collection were used.

In a second section, #FakeImages exposes a number of mechanisms that continue to have a major impact on our ideas and our society today. These mechanisms are closely linked to the historical antisemitic imagery we discover through the Langerman collection. #FakeImages dissects these timeless mechanisms through four interactive constellations, and sends visitors on an exploration of contemporary examples so as to recognize and understand links between past and present.


Building on the exhibition “Dessins assassins” from the Caen Memorial and in cooperation with international experts, the exhibition was developed by Kazerne Dossin, under the direction of Dr Veerle Vanden Daelen, deputy director and coordinator of collections and research at Kazerne Dossin, and Dr Laurence Schram, senior researcher at Kazerne Dossin.


The exhibition is constructed in a way that allows for it to be transported easily and to be assembled in different rooms and settings.

The standard set-up is about 300 m2 and includes the following sections:

  • Introductory text and campaign image
  • “Fake or real?” passage
  • Six historical sections
    • Diversity of Jewish life
    • Arthur Langerman and his collection
    • Introduction to antisemitism and historical timeline with display cases of antisemitic books and objects
    • 1886-1920 – A new antisemitic imagery
    • 1920-1939 – The antisemitic image on its way to power
    • 1939-1945 – The antisemitic image changes
  • Four educational and interactive sections with actualization and mechanisms
    • The world in black and white
    • I am not a racist but…
    • The power of deception
    • It was only for laughs
  • Self-evaluation tool
  • Related website with background and practical exhibition information: fakeimages.be

The exhibition is available in Dutch, French and English, and can be expanded into additional languages. We also offer the possibility of making small adjustments so as to include local examples.

Kazerne Dossin can also provide training for guides, educational support and suggestions for additional programming and literature.


For information about price, availability, a virtual tour and other matters, please contact Veerle Vanden Daelen (veerle.vandendaelen@kazernedossin.eu).

The travelling exhibition was made possible thanks to the support of: